Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Thank goodness it's sunny today (before the storm)...now if only the temp were about 40 degrees higher than the current 25, I'd open up all the windows and drink in the fresh air. As it is, I think Tumble has the right idea - he's sleeping in front of the slider....drenched in sunshine.
(Darn...I tried to send a pic of Tumble from my phone to my laptop, but no luck yet)

I was able to work a few hours this morning via email - proofing a training manual - and it felt great doing some work again. My good friend Gisela offered to pick me up for an afternoon of Mahjong, but I just couldn't turn down the work after cancelling so much this month. I am, however, looking forward to whenever the next game is - because by then I should be able to get out more easily (weather permitting) - and even drive!

The most exciting part of the week, though, is Beth and Barry's vacation to Costa Rica! What an adventure for them - they deserve to have a fantastically relaxing - and exhilerating - time, and come back refreshed and ready for spring. Happy traveling!!

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