Friday, May 29, 2009

Ready for the weekend!

Busy day today - exercise first, then coffee, and on to Sue Ellen's new office building. It's a fantastic new (well, ok, remodeled) addition to Greenville. The office suites are colorful, tasteful, and "eclectic"...or is it "abstract"?

I was able to get the 6 deck planters finished today, as well as a planter in front of the garage. A few grasses and other plants were placed in various gardens, but many more await their turn does the grass. It's gotten SO long in the past week....lots of mowing to do.

So onto another weekend - Kevin and Erin work and I have WW in the morning, then over to Mom's with newspapers...and to see her new garden.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flowers - and an Auction! lots of flowers at Trufant today - some at the flea market and some at the auction. The prices were pretty good today. Wish I could be there next week (it promises to be a huge flower auction), but I must work in Lansing that day.

Now on to planting - hopefully I can begin later this afternoon (after an annual medical appointment)...or tomorrow. Lots of planters to fill...some to plant in the ground...maybe even another hanger.

Had a great day with LOTS of laughs at Connie's playing Mah Jongg. The "founding" partners played all afternoon (and some of us into the evening as well!). When I arrived home, there was my new Mah Jongg set! I love it!! Now I just need to wait for the 2009 cards to arrive.

Kevin is off tomorrow, since he works on Saturday....I'm hopeful he can sleep in and get some much needed rest. But I'm also hopeful that we can get the poor 'ol truck in for some work. Seems we "may" have to plan a memorial service (for real!) this time...but then again, who knows? That truck has been a great little wonder for quite a few years, and may just have another life in her somewhere!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's not dead...just stunned!

Remember the old Monte Python dead parrot sketch? That's the way Erin's car can be described...not dead, just stunned. She, of course, is thrilled that her car can be resurrected...not only for the cost, but because she loves that car.

Busy, busy time of year. Planning for 40th class reunion, working, yard name it, it needs to be done!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I hate cars...but what else is new?

Cars. Ugh. Erin's car is at the shop with some transmission concerns...not good...then there's the old Ford truck...which ALSO has transmission problems. YIKES....this one will need to be towed in, though, so hopefully we can get it in next week. In the meantime we'll need to juggle...anyone have a good - but cheap - car for sale??