Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Almost there

Received a call from the surgical center this afternoon - surgery time has been changed from 3:10 pm to 11:45 am. I must admit I'm relieved that we leave earlier...less time to stew about it.

My good friend Gisela is planning to provide dinner tomorrow night (what a sweetie)...she had planned to come by in the morning after exercise (ooh, I miss that! - WAIT!!! Did I say I MISSED EXERCISE????? Never thought I'd hear those words from this mouth!! LOL), but now we'll be out of the house by 9:30. So perhaps I'll see her tonite....or later tomorrow afternoon.

My Mom came out today to get a key for the house - she'll be stopping in on Thursday to help me (what a Mom!). And with my favorite son and daughter-in-law coming on Saturday I'll surely be taken care of well!

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