Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting around

After my outing yesterday I'm ready to roll! I made arrangements to play MahJong with friends tomorrow - can even drive from my garage right into the host's garage without having to manuever through any ice/snow/rain/slush! I can hardly wait - I haven't played in over a month.

My mom came out and helped me get the recycling together to take to drop-off tomorrow. It's been nearly 2 months since I last took the recycling in, and our garage can't take much more! Now the Rendezvous is full...so I'll drop it off before heading to MahJong. Life is good - LOL = recycling AND MahJong all in one day! That's busier than I've been in 4 weeks!

Speaking of which...my foot is much improved and I'm able to walk on the heel of my left foot with the assistance of one crutch (sometimes two...). It feels good to be getting around a little better and I'm really thankful for everyone's help.

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