Thursday, February 12, 2009


Had a great day today! Dr. Buchanan is very pleased with my foot progress - even said this 50+ old foot "looks good" (who'd have thought I'd be so happy about a foot that looks good??). He also said my bone is very strong and so surgery went very another week I can begin to bear 10-15% weight on my left foot (wearing the air cast and using crutches), and that by my next appointment on March 17 I should be walking with the air cast alone! At that time, depending on the degree of swelling, I may be able to get rid of the air cast. What a thrill!!

The rest of the day was like a present - to be outside (even though it was windy) - had a hair trim, went grocery shopping (using my knee scooter with Kevin following behind me with the cart), and out to lunch. After lunch we decided to stop at Penney's - I couldn't see the sense in having Kevin load up my scooter just to take it out again on the other side of the parking I said "meet you there!" And off I went - on my scooter - across the parking lot (watching VERY carefully for cars...and pot holes - and none of either appeared, by the way), and made it to the Penney's door before he did!

Now I'm happily here at home after a day out and looking forward to the process of beginning to be more mobile. Life is good!!

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