Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy week

Well, it's been busy lately. Although my cold makes it difficult to do much of anything else while I'm breathing, it's getting better! I've been able to work out a bit in the fitness center and pool (twice this week!), and just started back with my exercise group doing the Biggest Loser dvds. I wasn't able to do all of the moves today (seems my left foot toes just don't want to bend yet...sure hope that changes sooner rather than later), but it felt good to be able to begin to participate again.

In addition to just getting around better, I've also been working many, many hours on a project for MDE - planning, scheduling, and conducting many conference calls. The biggest hurdle is getting various schedules together, but it's all working well! Ten calls currently scheduled and ready to finish...two still to line up (for now - more to come later)...and 17 completed!

Now I need to get busy on the yard work!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


It's spring! I can't remember a time when I've wanted spring as much as I do this year.

I'm getting along walking without my cast - although my foot remains swollen much of the time (that's to be expected), I surely don't miss the sound of velcro ripping as I'd hurredly put the cast on upon awakening. I've worn two different pairs of shoes...many remain that I cannot yet wear...but before long I'll be in sandals anyway.

Hoping to get lots of work done today - both "on the job" and off. Kevin's off today, but is already busy with some Boy Scout related projects. I'm still hopeful he can tackle one project that I have in mind....

Lookin' forward to the weekend.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today's the day...

I've been looking forward to. I visit Dr. Buchanan this afternoon to find out how my foot is healing. Funny, but I'm almost fearful of trying to stand/walk without the leg/knee/foot all feel so weak - and floppy! But nevertheless, it's an exciting day!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, I'm really getting used to moving around well in this cast...sans crutches. I know that when the doctor gives me the ok to walk without the cast that my mobility will slow down somewhat (at least it has the other times I've been in a cast - yikes! this is the 3rd time!!). My foot continues to swell quite a bit during the day, but no real pain, so I'm really feeling great.

Lots of work accomplished this week, setting up/coordinating conference call reviews with local school districts. It's great to be able to work from home, not having to hassle trying to get a convenient parking place, or wondering about weather related issues. I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to take this task will keep me busy for many more days.

Had a fun 72nd birthday breakfast for my friend, Char - her actual b'day is St. Paddy's day, but the group celebrated this morning. What a gal!!

Now it's on to the weekend...perhaps there'll be a mah jong afternoon tomorrow?

Monday, March 9, 2009


What a morning! I went to the fitness center and pool - first time in nearly 6 weeks! It felt funny taking the elevator to the fitness center, but I didn't want to waste my energy - or hurt my foot - on the stairs (a gal in a cast can only do so much exercise!). I did one round of bench presses (60 pounds...down from my usual, but a place to start). Next time I'll plan to work upper body for a bit...there are a few machines I can do while still restricted.

The pool was next. The lifeguard helped me scoot down the steps and get on a noodle to bicycle around. Typically I'll do that for an hour, but since it's been a while I found I was tired after about 30 minutes. I had wanted to stay longer (the rest of the work-out group was coming in at 8....I got out about 7:55), but didn't want to push past my limit the first time back. It worked well...I came back up the stairs on my bottom, lifting up with my arms, dried off my leg/foot, got my cast back on and, with the lifeguard holding a chair, got back into standing. It felt good!! I can hardly wait to go back on Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunny Wednesday

After a busy Monday - going to town, working around here, etc. - I went to the MDE to work on Tuesday. Boy, am I out of shape now! I left home about 5:30 a.m. - worked until 3:30, and came home exhausted! I stumbled my way to bed by 9, and was out when Kevin and Erin each arrived home.

Today I'm beginning a project for the MDE - I love this kind of can be accomplished at home, without the hassle of driving in to Lansing.

Beth and Barry sent some photos of the trip - wonderfully green, warm-looking pictures...just what I needed to assure myself that warmer weather is coming!