Saturday, February 21, 2009


It's snowing out all right, and I'm here on the couch with a nice, fat cat purring away without a care in the world. Well, ok, his only care is that I continue to fill up the food and water dishes, and provide him with a clean box. He's just so sweet...his head is on my arm and he'll soon be asleep.

I continue to make progress with the crutch-walking. Last nite I slept without my air cast, and the rest was so much better than I've had in ages. Unfortunately, the velcro on the cast is very loud, and I have to put the boot on (and off..) if/when I get up in the nite. Hopefully the ripping sound of the velcro won't awaken Kevin in the nite.

Also hoping the snow quits soon - I'd like for Kevin to be able to get home tonite - and for Erin to be able to get to GR for the Griffins' game.

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