Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good grief!!

Almost 2 months since my last post - that's ridiculous! Yes, it's been a busy summer, and yet it doesn't seem like we've even HAD summer yet. I've been working - and working out - camping - being busy...and being lazy. The best part of the summer, though, has to have been the time we had with family and friends at Burt Lake. What a wonderful daughter-in-law we have (just like the rest of her family!!) to allow us to share in their special camping experiences. The Maier's are a special group of people!

Kevin's just had his first cataract surgery - and while it went well, he's tired and has some double/blurry vision. We know it will resolve and are looking forward to having the 2nd on completed in two weeks. After that it should be smoother sailing for him -at least as far as driving at night goes!

I'm busy making baby afghans (with lots of love included in those stitches!) and gearing up for the busy fall season. Next week marks my 40th class reunion date (it can't be!!), with Kevin's 40th celebration in mid-September.

Add Danish Festival - and the library used book sale - and the wrap-up of One Book One County - and more trips around the state for work....and the fall is sure to fly by, just like the summer did!!