Thursday, August 9, 2012

How long?

Can't believe it's been so long since I posted - I must re-start my blog just for saving memories if nothing else.  For now, though, it's off to bed - up in 6 hours to exercise, then head to Wisconsin for a wedding!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

mid July

Have had a wonderful week so far...the Star Wars Concert last nite (tickets were Kevin's Father's Day present) was wonderful and we had a great time. Watching the orchestra on the big screen was as exciting as some of the Star Wars movie excerpts (there were quite a few "replays" during the performance).

Tomorrow we will celebrate a good friend's birthday at the Danish Breakfast - always a fun time! And with the upcoming weather forecast for less humid - but still very warm - weather, I should be able to accomplish a good deal in the yard tomorrow afternoon.

Altogether a great week...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Grammy day

Back with the boys today - no two days are ever the same! The boys slept well, with Simon waking up first. As soon as he finished eating, Elliott was awake...but not very hungry, since he didn't finish his bottle!

We got a few pictures taken...had some play time together on the floor...and then they were both ready for naps. Oh, was it quiet - they both fell asleep as soon as I realized they were tired. Then they both awoke at the same time - both happy and smiling - so I figured I'd feed Elliott first since he hadn't had as much to eat.....but Simon thought otherwise and was not happy being the one left out. So we did the "grammy two-feed" and both had their bottles at the same time. Now on to more play time!

Love being with these boys!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot days of July

Thank goodness we added central air when we remodeled the house a few years ago...I am so thankful - and feel so lucky - to know that our family members have a/c and can afford to use it!

Very thankful, too, on this hot day, that I'm here with the Grands for the day...what a delight they were last night. Both boys are learning to eat from a spoon (and parents are learning to feed from a spoon!)...takes a lot of practice - and patience - on both sides, but all are doing well. It's early in the morning as I write, and as always, I look forward to the time the boys wake up and we can begin our day together. Their "here I am, come and love me - and make me laugh" smiles are beyond description, so of course I need to capture as many as I can in digital format...and then send some off to their mom during the day (hope she enjoys receiving them as much as I do providing them!).

I can hardly wait for the rest of Erin's birthday present to arrive...and hope she likes it as much as I do. Only a couple more weeks and my youngest will be 28 - yikes! I know it hasn't been that long since we brought that little girl home!

Time to get the coffee's morning!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

SUMMER 2010 - a summary of the last year!

How did I let nearly a year go by without posting? I realize this blog is mostly for my own "enjoyment", but nevertheless, I wish I had been better about posting consistently.

I knew...but will still how quickly and easily I would fall in love with grands. Elliott and Simon are such a joy...and I treasure the opportunities the kids have given me to be such an integral part of their everyday lives. It has been such a pleasure - a thrill! - to be involved in their daily care, watching them grow and develop, and tending to the Grammy/grandson relationship that is so dear.

While I only have positive words and thoughts surrounding both Barry and Beth, watching my son become such a dedicated father has filled me with even more love, pride, and awe. His involvement in the day to day care of the boys, his love, care, and concern for his lovely wife...and his engaging little boys, has been a exciting to watch. He fell in love quickly with those little guys - and my heart overflowed as he reminded me of the "how tos" of diapering, bathing, feeding etc. - skills he learned from those wonderful NICU nurses.

I think back on the myriad of feelings I recall having as a young (new) parent - how I felt helpless when I couldn't "fix" whatever was wrong - couldn't stop the crying...or couldn't seem to get it "right" I felt so utterly responsible to make sure that I was the "best" mom (and wife, and teacher, and....) when now I realize that just "being" was the best - to do what I could, with positive intention and love, to be a parent who loved, and lived and, most importantly, laughed and enjoyed my family. Regrets don't do I don't want to waste time and energy on what I can't change..but I DO want to do whatever I can to encourage, support, and love these new young parents. From my point of view, they're pretty special people...who are providing the greatest start for their little guys!

And then my thoughts go on to my amazing Erin...the one who has made her way through a number of challenges, and keeps on going. I'm just as proud of her accomplishments as I am her tenacity...and I know she'll reach whatever goals she sets. She's had quite a journey from the teen years to adult hood, and I'm proud to be her mom!

This summary of the year wouldn't be complete without my thoughts on my dear husband - the new Grampa! - with whom I'll soon celebrate 37 years of marriage. Although he's not able to be with Elliott and Simon nearly as much as he'd like - work and Scouts drive difficult calendars - they "drive" his questions and our conversations. I love seeing the twinkle whenever he talks about those two...he proudly carries his photo album full of the newest pictures...and I know he's looking forward to the day his schedule is less hectic and he can spend as much time with them as he'd like.

What's next? We'll see...I DO plan to post at least weekly...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good grief!!

Almost 2 months since my last post - that's ridiculous! Yes, it's been a busy summer, and yet it doesn't seem like we've even HAD summer yet. I've been working - and working out - camping - being busy...and being lazy. The best part of the summer, though, has to have been the time we had with family and friends at Burt Lake. What a wonderful daughter-in-law we have (just like the rest of her family!!) to allow us to share in their special camping experiences. The Maier's are a special group of people!

Kevin's just had his first cataract surgery - and while it went well, he's tired and has some double/blurry vision. We know it will resolve and are looking forward to having the 2nd on completed in two weeks. After that it should be smoother sailing for him -at least as far as driving at night goes!

I'm busy making baby afghans (with lots of love included in those stitches!) and gearing up for the busy fall season. Next week marks my 40th class reunion date (it can't be!!), with Kevin's 40th celebration in mid-September.

Add Danish Festival - and the library used book sale - and the wrap-up of One Book One County - and more trips around the state for work....and the fall is sure to fly by, just like the summer did!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mid June

How on earth can it be mid-June (ok, past mid-June) already? I have so much to do this summer that I feel like the days are slipping by unfulfilled. Work is keeping me busy - two monitoring visits coming up, corrective action plans and grants to review....not complaining (love the work!), just so many things to do in dwindling days.

As for home, I'm working on a pet project (more on that in a few weeks) that keeps me busy in the evenings. Then there's the never-ending chase of cat hair! Speaking of which, one less cat is here in the house (for now...). Tumblebump has decided that he's destined to be an outdoor kitty, despite having lived indoors for all of his 10 years. He "escaped" about 10 days ago...we were able to capture him and bring him home, and he was MISERABLE!!! He kept trying to convince me (with yowls and knocking at the door) that he needed to be outside. The little bugger slipped right out through the garage again the other night...he came home (on the deck only - wouldn't come near the door) briefly last night, but we haven't seen him since. Somehow I think Chauncy is happy being the sole kitty in the house.

The rain has been welcome...everything is green and lush...but now the mowing needs to commence again. Yikes - it's getting long!! Perhaps tomorrow afternoon....or Monday....or....

We're looking forward to a graduation open house on Sunday, then Kevin's off to a Big Band rehearsal. Next week will find us both going in a variety of directions...we may even wave as we pass each other on the road!

Have a great weekend!