Monday, March 9, 2009


What a morning! I went to the fitness center and pool - first time in nearly 6 weeks! It felt funny taking the elevator to the fitness center, but I didn't want to waste my energy - or hurt my foot - on the stairs (a gal in a cast can only do so much exercise!). I did one round of bench presses (60 pounds...down from my usual, but a place to start). Next time I'll plan to work upper body for a bit...there are a few machines I can do while still restricted.

The pool was next. The lifeguard helped me scoot down the steps and get on a noodle to bicycle around. Typically I'll do that for an hour, but since it's been a while I found I was tired after about 30 minutes. I had wanted to stay longer (the rest of the work-out group was coming in at 8....I got out about 7:55), but didn't want to push past my limit the first time back. It worked well...I came back up the stairs on my bottom, lifting up with my arms, dried off my leg/foot, got my cast back on and, with the lifeguard holding a chair, got back into standing. It felt good!! I can hardly wait to go back on Wednesday.

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  1. Awesome!! :) If anyone would do it, it'd be you, that's great! Keep getting better! We love you!