Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy week

Well, it's been busy lately. Although my cold makes it difficult to do much of anything else while I'm breathing, it's getting better! I've been able to work out a bit in the fitness center and pool (twice this week!), and just started back with my exercise group doing the Biggest Loser dvds. I wasn't able to do all of the moves today (seems my left foot toes just don't want to bend yet...sure hope that changes sooner rather than later), but it felt good to be able to begin to participate again.

In addition to just getting around better, I've also been working many, many hours on a project for MDE - planning, scheduling, and conducting many conference calls. The biggest hurdle is getting various schedules together, but it's all working well! Ten calls currently scheduled and ready to finish...two still to line up (for now - more to come later)...and 17 completed!

Now I need to get busy on the yard work!!

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