Friday, June 19, 2009

Mid June

How on earth can it be mid-June (ok, past mid-June) already? I have so much to do this summer that I feel like the days are slipping by unfulfilled. Work is keeping me busy - two monitoring visits coming up, corrective action plans and grants to review....not complaining (love the work!), just so many things to do in dwindling days.

As for home, I'm working on a pet project (more on that in a few weeks) that keeps me busy in the evenings. Then there's the never-ending chase of cat hair! Speaking of which, one less cat is here in the house (for now...). Tumblebump has decided that he's destined to be an outdoor kitty, despite having lived indoors for all of his 10 years. He "escaped" about 10 days ago...we were able to capture him and bring him home, and he was MISERABLE!!! He kept trying to convince me (with yowls and knocking at the door) that he needed to be outside. The little bugger slipped right out through the garage again the other night...he came home (on the deck only - wouldn't come near the door) briefly last night, but we haven't seen him since. Somehow I think Chauncy is happy being the sole kitty in the house.

The rain has been welcome...everything is green and lush...but now the mowing needs to commence again. Yikes - it's getting long!! Perhaps tomorrow afternoon....or Monday....or....

We're looking forward to a graduation open house on Sunday, then Kevin's off to a Big Band rehearsal. Next week will find us both going in a variety of directions...we may even wave as we pass each other on the road!

Have a great weekend!

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